1: no factor
2: mSCGF
3: hSCGF
4: mSCF
ES cells require SCGF for their proliferation.
  Murine GSI-1 ES cells (3.5 X 103/ml) derived from 129/SvJ strain mouse were cultured for 12 days in the
fibronectin-coated 6-well plate, containing serum-free medium supplemented with no factor (1), 50ng/ml mSCGF(2), 50ng/ml hSCGF (3), 50ng/ml mSCF (4), 50ng/ml mSCGF+mSCF (5) and 50ng/ml hSCGF+mSCF (6).
Proliferated cells were harvested with 0.05% trypsin/0.53mM EDTA, and 1:5-split cultured for another 10 days in
the medium containing 20% fetal calf serum with 50ng/ml mIL-3, 1U/ml hEpo, 20ng/ml mGM-CSF and 20ng/ml
  Results indicate that SCGF but not SCF can sustain the growth of ES cells through primary culture to give
rise to differentiated cells through secondary culture and  human SCGF can support ES cell growth as well as
murine SCGF. In other words, human SCGF is species-cross effective for proliferation of murine ES cells.