Dipodomys ordii (Kangaroo Rat)

Stem Cell Growth Factor
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  Human scgf genome is located on chromosome 19q13.3, and consists of 4 exons, of which most half of 3'-4th exon is occupied with CRD as illustrated. Flt3 ligand (17) and IL-11 (18) genes crucial for hematopoiesis are clustered in the vicinity of the chromosome 19q13.3.
       Human scgf genome. Exons (T-W) are boxed with numbers of nucleotide on the top. Scale bar indicates  
       nucleotide length.

  Mammalian scgf genome for primates, rodents, cow, dolphin, microbat, squirrel and hedghog similarly has 4 exons except 2 exons for horse and opossum, 3 exons for megabat, kangaroo rat, opossum and platypus, 5 exons for dog, 6 exons for guinea pig and 9 exons for pika. Fugu (puffer fish) (19, 20) and Medaka scgf genome have been identified. See the figure and table below for an interspecies phylogenetic scgf gene tree alignment and accession number with chromosomal location (Ensembl), respectively. Detailed nucleotide sequence is shown in the SNPs section.
  Orthologous groups of scgf gene are shown at eggNOG (evolutionary genealogy of genes: Non-supervised
Orthologous Groups).

(modified from  Ensembl)

Gene Accession #
Chromosomal Locus
Homo sapiens (Human) ENSG00000105472 Chromosome 19: 55,918,417-55,920,791
Pan troglodytes (Chimpanzee) ENSPTRG00000011350 Chromosome 19: 56,395,299-56,397,672
Pongo pygmaeus (Orangutan) ENSPPYG00000010291 Chromosome 19: 52,286,957-52,288,919
Macaca mulatta (Macaque) ENSMMUG00000002407 Chromosome 19: 56,930,734-56,933,102
Mus musculus (Mouse) ENSMUSG00000004473 Chromosome 7: 51,559,642-51,562,256
Rattus norvegicus (Rat) ENSRNOG00000019138 Chromosome 1: 94,785,179-94,788,320
Bos Taurus (Cow ) ENSBTAG00000005576 Chromosome 18: 56,736,377-56,738,679
Equus caballus (Horse) ENSECAG00000019930 Chromosome 10: 20,182,281-20,390,716
Canis familiaris (Dog) ENSCAFG00000002923 Chromosome 1: 108,960,215-108,962,111
Tursiops truncatus (Dolphin) ENSTTRG00000012910 Genescaffold GeneScaffold_2226: 57,434-59,362
Cavia porcellus (Guinea Pig) ENSCPOG00000021138 scaffold_70: 7,177,391-7,179,200
Dipodomys ordii (Kangaroo rat) ENSDORG00000013633 scaffold_6954: 22,401-23,877
Echinops telfairi (Lesser hedgehog tenrec) ENSETEG00000017401 Genescaffold GeneScaffold_1750: 3,453-5,074
Microcebus murinus (Mouse Lemur) ENSMICG00000002262 Genescaffold GeneScaffold_952: 6,606-10,539
Monodelphis domestica (Opossum) ENSMODG00000014111 Chromosome Un: 56,044,959-56,046,178
Pteropus vampyrus (Megabat) ENSPVAG00000014011 scaffold_16428: 7,786-8,830
Myotis lucifugus (Microbat) ENSMLUG00000008693 Genescaffold GeneScaffold_1183: 3,152-6,532
Ochotona princeps (Pika) ENSOPRG00000007341 scaffold_24944: 23-1,608
Spermophilus tridecemlineatus (Squirrel) ENSSTOG00000006289 scaffold_753: 46,403-48,163
Ornithorhynchus anatinus (Platypus) ENSOANG00000003921 SuperContig Contig16572: 2,351-2,800
Xenopus tropicalis (X.tropicalis) ENSXETG00000017637 scaffold_382: 657,534-884,105
Oryzias latipes (Medaka) ENSORLG00000017603 Chromosome 24: 17,817,779-17,823,691
Takifugu rubripes (Fugu) ENSTRUG00000004026 scaffold_483: 36,003-37,343
Tetraodon nigroviridis (Tetraodon) ENSTNIG00000019155 Chromosome 14: 1,562,782-1,564,210