Stem Cell Growth Factor
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  Two promoter areas are located at 5' upstream region of scgf gene, one about 3k nucleotides upstream and other immediately before the 1st exon as illustrated (Transcriptional Regulatory Element Database, CSH), each of which has 2 reported elements mutually overlapped.


              Scgf promoter upstream 1st exon (I) with each ID (21166,  21167,  21168 &  115069). Scale bar indicates
                  nucleotide length. (modified fromTRED-CSH).

  Scgf gene-targeted cis-regulatory modules are conserved in human, mouse, rat and dog (ModuleMiner, 219; Musclebenchmark set,  Microarraycluster 3: Neural tissues,  Microarraycluster 9: Cardiac muscle).
  Transcription factor binding sites prediction in the scgf promoter area can be retrieved at TFSEARCH database.
  Some transcription factor binding sites in the scgf gene promoter are predicted, including CREB, Brachyury, NF-E2, USF1/2 and p53 (SABiosciences' Text Mining Application).
  Human scgf enhancer is browsed at Whole Genome VISTA Enhancer Browser, enhancer nucleotide sequence is conserved in frog.
  Consensus motif sequences of primates, euarchontoglires and eutheria scgf promoter are presented in DoOP(Database of Orthologous Promoters).
  A genome-wide analysis on target genes for ERRΑ (estrogen-related receptor Α) in the mouse liver cells using ChIP-on-chip promoter array disclosed that ERRΑ but not its ligand, Prox1 (prospero-related homeobox 1) bound to scgf gene promoter (234).
  Nucleotide sequence of scgf  promoter is shownbelow (TRED-CSH). Each overlapped sequence is purple-colored. Starting sequence of the 1st exon is shown in italics. Predicted consensus motif for each transcription factor (shown in the right side margin)-binding site is underlined.

51001  cagcccacct cgcgatctgg ggcccgcaga cactccccct cggctgaccc tggctgaccc
51061  ccagcctcaa ccccgctcgg agggggtggc cggtgggatg aaagaaaagc tggctagggc
51121  cccccgcgcg tacggctgcc ccagcccccc cgggccggct ccggcccctc cccctcaggg
51181  ctcgcgggag ggagcgggca cgctccgccg gggcggcatg aatcaaacgc tccgcggcta
51241  agaatagctg gcacgcagct ggtaccgaga cgggctgagg aatcggcgag gggggtggtg
51301  gaggacgcga gagagggggt gccctgggag gctgtggggg gacagggggc ggctggcgtg
51361  gccgagagcg gggccgggga gaatgaatgg aggcggaggg aggcggggag gggcggggag
51421  agagagccgg agccgaggct gggaaactgg tgggggagaa cccggccggg gagaggggcg
51481  gggggcaccg gggagcagga gtcgggggcg ggagccgagg gggcgcgccg gccggcggtg
51541  tagggactgg agacctggtg gggacgcagg gagcttggac aggggtggaa agggactgga
51601  ggagcctgga aggagaagcg ggagctggag gggtcgaaag gggcggagga ggcccgggcc
51661  tagaccctcg ctggagggga gtggggacca gggtgacctg gcggaggggc ccaggtacgc CTCF
51721  cagggagggc gaggcggggg agtggccggg ctgggcgggg aggcgggtac caggaccgagX21167«WT1
51781  cccttggccc cggagagccg ggaggcgggt tcgggatagg ggctctgctg gccgggggtg
51841  gggggcgcgc cctcccatca aggatgcgat ctgggacggg gcaccgggga cccgggcgtaXCTCF
51901  acccaatttg gtgtcgccca gggcaacgct ccccacctca cccgtacccc cagccgcacaXPOU2F1/3, CEBPA, Klf4
51961  cccaggccag gagcccggcg ccgggccaag gacatccggg gcgccctcgc cccctcccgcXCTCF
52021  ggccccggcc ccgcagctgc cccaaacccc caggttctcg acccccttac ctgcctggcgXTcf3
52081  gggctgctga gtcccggtcg gcggcgcccg cggcccctccXcccctcccccXcaccccccacXNFƒÈb, CTCF, Klf4
52141  ccccccggag acggggaccc tcaggccatg ccccaccgcc ccggagggcg agcgggcccgXCTCF
52201  gggagggggc gggcggggac cgggggggag ggcgggaggg ccgaggacctXcaccccccccXKlf4
52261  gcgggccggg cctggccatc cgcagagcgc ccccccttcc gccgcggccg ccgcgcccctX21168«CTCF
52321  cctcgcccgc ccccggctcg gtccggccgg ctccgggcgc cgcgtctccg cctgctcttc
52381  ctcctcctct tcctcgggcc gccgccgccg ccgcccgctc cgcgcctcct ctgccaccctXCTCF, Klf4
52441  tctcgctctc tcgctctcgc tgtctctccc tcaccctgtc tctctccctcXcctctctcccXCTCF, Klf4, CTCF
52501  tccctcccct ccctccgccc tctcccctcc ctccgggagc cggcggagga gacatcgcccXCTCF, CTCF, CTCF, CTCF
52561  ctccccgcgc ccccaaacct cgcccatccc ccaccaccgc cggctccgcc ccctaccctt
52621  gccctccccc accactcctc cccacctccg agtccccaaa tcctgactcc gcccctgcttXCTCF
52681  gctcccatac cccgaggaag gggtcctgcc cccataaggt gcccccccac acacacctcaXPU.1, NFƒÈB
52741  ggaccacccc ctcccagaga gctccccgcc gccctacaca gagtggggca caataaatatX21167ªKlf4, CTCF
52801  ttgttgccag actctacacc cccaaattta agtgtgaagg ctatagattc ccaccctgtcXKlf4, Klf4
52861  cccccaaaca cacacacacc ctttccattt aagcactggg tcagggcaca cgtggacata  Klf4, c-Myc, USF1/2, Max,Tcf3
52921  cctgggccag gccacatttc cccaaggcac aggtgcatag tcaccagctgXtaacggcaccXTcf3, Tcf3, Myb, Tcf3
52981  tgcagagtcc ccacatacac acactctcca gcgcatgcat gcccagacac aatgcacctgXTcf3
53041  gggtacacag ctacaaacac acccagctac atgcagttgt cacacccctg tgcccgggcaXKlf4, Tcf3, Klf4
53101  cacacgcagc acatgcacac atttgcccac cacacacgca cgtgcgcgcg cacacacgcaXc-Myc, USF1/2, Max, Tcf3
53161  cacaggcgttXcaccccggta tgcatgccca gatctctcaa caccaaaacg gagttacagcXKlf4, Tcf3
53221  actgtagaga cgtgtgcacg ccttcccatc acacccacccXaccgtgctgt ccattgcact  21168ªKlf4, Klf4
53281  ggctcgcactXcacccgttta catgcccaac accgtgccat ccttcccctcXcaggatagtt Klf4, CTCF
53341  actgctgaca ttcctggagc actttctgtg tgccaggctc agggactttc gccatcccca
53401  ttttccagag ggggaaacca aggaacagag aggctaagta acttgcccaa ggtcatccagXWT1, Myb, Tcf3, Foxc1
53461  ctgtaaggag gtggtaacaa ggatcaggaa caggtaggct ggctccaaag tcctcacttgXMyb, Tcf3
53521  acaactatgg tgcactactg ggcatatccc ctcatagttg catatcctta ttcatcacac CTCF
53581  acagacacac ccaaccgtct cctcagagtt tgcacatgtc tgtgtaggca cgcatatgca  Klf4, c-Myc, USF1/2, Max,Tcf3
53641  gccagctgca ggcagacagc tcattcatgc ctgggacgca cccacaggga cagagcagat
53701  cccacagggc agcagtgagt ggtgagtgtc cccttagccc aggcttcctc attctcccag
53761  ctccaacagc acctccaggg cctgcagggg gcagttctag gcagcttctg ggttcccctc
53821  cagctgcagg ctctccgggg tacccgagta tgagctggag gaggtgcctg ctcagcctgg
53881  ggaggcctct atcttgatgc gtacccacta gcccaggtgg tgagcagctg ggcccgggga
53941  aagcacagct gcccatgttg gctccagcag ccagagaggc tgtgcacccc tgcacacttt
54001  acaaggcctt tccccacata cgcattattt cttgaggtct gtagctcctg gtgaggggcc
54061  ccaggttccc gatgggcacc tgagaggccc aggctctgag gcagggagca gtctgcccaa
54121  ggtcacagtg ccctcgatgt accaggattt cttggaaaac ggaaggctgg aggcactgat
54181  ttccaaggcc cctcctgggg ctcccggcag ccgagggcag atgccctgct cttggagcca
54241  gaaaccttgg ctagctgccg ccacactggt gacctccagc aggctatgct gtttcagagc
54301  ctcggtctcc tcctttgaag agcaggccca gtgatccttg gctggtgtgc cccatgcttg
54361  ttggcaccac cagccaggcc tgggcgggaa aagccctgca tgactcatgg gcctgacata
54421  gaggggcatg gcatggcatt gttcttcctt gcctccaagc ctctctccca ctgccctcac
54481  cacctctacc taccctgcca ccaccaccct gggaacttgg gtgccagcaa accaaagagg
54541  tgaagcttcc aggcctttga ccccaccagg aacggctacc ctctcgccca ctcaacaggt
54601  tgattgaaca cctactatgt gctaggtagg ccttgtgcta ggagatgcat cagtgcataa
54661  aaatccctgc tttcattggc agggaacaga cataaacaaa caagatcatg ccagtcttga
54721  ttataccaaa aagatgaaat ggggcatttt aataaagtaa cttgcggaat agataaggtg Foxc1
54781  gttggggaag acctcctgga gctgagacct cgatgatgag aaggagctgg ggaaagaggc
54841  ttctagaagg aggaaagggc tagtgcaaat gctctgaggt tgtaatcagc ttagtatttg
54901  gggatgagcc aagaggccag ggaaggtgga ggctgggggt gggtgaaggg aatgggggtg
54961  atgaggctgc agaggtgcaa agggttcttc cttcccagcc cccagcatgg taggctgcgc
55021  tgaggactga ggcccgggct tggcttccct cctgcttatg atgggaaggt gggggagcag
55081  gggagtgggg agtgatgtga tctgatttat ggtttggaag gattgctttg gctgcggcaaXCEBPB
55141  gcagccggga ttggaggggc tcaggaggaaXggagggggag ggcgagactg cagtggtcca PU.1
55201  ggctgaaatg aggtggcttg ctgaatgctc agagctcctt gagcacacaa cctagcgtct
55261  gtcgatttca cctcctggag aaaccttccc tgactgctcc gccagactcc tcaccctctcX115069«Klf4, CTCF
55321  ccatctccag ccccctcatc cccggagcta tctggctgct ggtctgcaagXcagctggagtX21166«CTCF, Tcf3, NFƒÈB
55381  ccccagcatc acccagccca cagcctggcc tgcaggaggc ttctagtaaa gtggccaattXKlf4, POU2F1/3, CEBPA
55441  aatccccgag ccccgtcttc cagggtcatg cacacagtca cacgcgtgct cttcacatgt c-Myc, USF1/2, Max, Tcf3,Runx1
55501  gtcaccctgc ccccacacac actcacttgg atctccagac aagggcttgg agggtaggatXKlf4, Tcf3
55561  gggcaatcta gggggcagga ggggccctgg agtctcctcc attgagtgtg caggcgatggXNFƒÈB, Runx1/2
55621  tggccacagg gtaataacaa cctcagcgag accctgaggt ctgcccctcc ttaggaatggXPOU2F1/3, Myb, CTCF
55681  ccaggcaggg aagaagggag cagtgctcgg tcccagcatc ccaccactgc cgagatggtt
55741  ctgagcgggt tcctgggctg aggccggggc ctgtgttttc caagattcct tggagagccaXRunx1
55801  gctccatcct cttcctgatt atctgatctt tgggctacag cagaaggaaa gagcagggcg
55861  gaagcgagct ctggaaagtg gaaagaggag ggtgtgcgag gagacccaag gcgggatcta
55921  ggctttggaa cgttggaggt ttccggccac agaggcaggg cctccgggga gccaagaggg
55981  gcggggagag acacacacag agaagcagag gagaccaacg gaccggacag agacgaggagXMyb, PU.1
56041  aggaacagga agagagaagc tgggagaatc gggaacctgg gggctagtga cctgcacaca
56101  gggcaggggc actcggcagt tcccagaggc cacccctccc accccagaca tccagacatcXNFƒÈB, CTCF, Klf4, Tcf3
56161  tggaactttg ggtgccaaga gtccagcttaxatgcaggcag cctggctttt gggggctttgX1st Exon
56221  gtggtccccc agctcttggg ctttggccat ggggctcggg gagcagagag ggagtgggag
56281  ggaggctggg gaggtgccca ggaggaggag cgggagaggg aggccctgat gctgaaggtg  115069ª21166ª
56341  agctctggag tgtcagggag ctatgggtgg tgaactgtgg gtctgggagg gggtattgca
56401  aggttaggga aatggacaat gaggagcgat tgggatagtc tcagaggagt gggagggtga
56461  tgggctcaga gacaggactc aggcagcaga gaatgagtta tgagttggaa aggggtgaat

Transcription factor binding sites prediction in the scgf promoter area can be retrieved at TFSEARCHdatabase.
Regulation of scgf gene expression by transcription factor is described in the Network section.